Friday, 14 June 2019

how the 5 Reiki Principles can help you...

Do you feel overwhelmed sometimes?

When I was first training in Reiki I used to sit in front of my mirror each morning and say these five Reiki principles out loud to myself. Usually one of them would resonate with me more than the others and that is what I focused on throughout my day.

This helped me to reduce the overwhelm and anxious thoughts that would occupy my mind at that time. It brought me focus and a sense of calm during a period of time when I felt lost and out of control.

If you've got to the end of the week and feeling frazzled then just read through these five principles and see which one stands out for you and keep that as your intention for the rest of the day. See if it helps you move through the rest of your day differently.

Happy Friday to you all

... Claire

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